The Startup Entrepreneur Academy

Setting You Up for Business Success

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Are you a startup entrepreneur trying to figure out how to create and build your business foundation?

Do you have a brilliant idea in your head, but are not sure how to execute it?

In need of countless resources, but have no idea where to look or who to talk to?

Introducing the Startup Entrepreneur Academy, an all-inclusive, online course combined with industry experts, countless resources and 1:1 mentoring designed to set you up for business success.

To learn more, schedule your complimentary 30-minute Business Strategy Session with Tisha here.

My Why

As a startup of four businesses since 2004, I understand firsthand the frustration that comes with boarding the “entrepreneurial roller coaster.” Your ideas keep you up at night. You can’t stop talking about it, yet you have no idea where to start. When you reach out for help, there are either too many free, and unreliable, resources to sift through or costly, cookie cutter, group coaching programs that don’t address your specific needs and struggles.

The Startup Entrepreneur Academy is designed to alleviate all of those frustrations and more. By asking startups what they really need to move ahead, and with the help of my industry experts, I’ve collaborated with a stellar team of individuals across the globe to help your business build the foundation it needs to succeed.

Students in the Academy will receive:

* Full, lifetime access to these training modules, worksheets and exercises to keep you on track:

1. Creating and manifesting your life's vision
2. Legally protecting your idea and entity
3. Accounting basics and setup
4. Utilizing the Lean Business Model Canvas for your business
5. Mindfulness and habit change for optimum productivity
6. Money mindset - knowing your numbers and budgeting for your business
7. Branding 101
8. Networking etiquette in person and online
9. Collaborations and connections - establishing your trusted team
10. Marketing your business on social media
11. Gaining visibility in your business by becoming a credible expert
12. Sales strategies to suit your strengths
13. Creating the ultimate work-life balance as you build your business

* Three one-on-one, half-hour accountability and mentoring sessions with startup business mentor Tisha Marie Pelletier throughout the course of the program

* Countless resources, complimentary consultations, encouragement and value-add from my industry experts and connections

* A private Facebook community comprised only of students and instructors to ask questions, gain insight and receive ongoing support, training and encouragement during the program

* A dedicated team of entrepreneurs of all skill sets investing in your success right where you are at now at a price that won’t break the bank

Your Instructor

Tisha Marie Pelletier
Tisha Marie Pelletier

Tisha is what many would call a “serial” startup entrepreneur. She first became one in 2004 after launching Simply Put Marketing, opened her second business Details Event Management in 2009, and then a third, The Mom-e Club in 2010.

In 2016, she took a leap of faith to solely focus on her bigger passion and created Tisha Marie Enterprises, LLC a business that allows her to inspire other startup businesses and entrepreneurs through various programs and events. She is also an author, inspirational speaker, mentor, and facilitator having led over 300 meetings, and has designed, planned and funded her own successful annual, national events. She never stops challenging herself to new heights.

A graduate of the Walter Cronkite School of Communications at Arizona State University in broadcast journalism with an emphasis in business and marketing, Tisha can often be found at startup events or back on ASU’s campus mentoring and speaking to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Tisha is no stranger to being in the media spotlight. She has made several appearances on local and national television and radio shows, podcasts, and has been featured in a multitude of print and online news articles. But the biggest reward she gets is when her clients and colleagues receive the recognition they deserve and knowing she had a hand in their success. Her pay-it-forward mentality, reputation and integrity are the very traits that set Tisha apart from so many other entrepreneurs you will ever meet.

When she’s not helping others achieve their dreams and take massive action on their passion, Tisha spends time with her husband Sean, son Caleb, daughter Ellie, and fur babies Sparky and Felix in their Gilbert, Arizona home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course designed for?
The Startup Entrepreneur Academy is designed for those who want to take the entrepreneurial leap and want to be their own boss, but are not sure how. Instead, they are seeking support and a more hands-on approach from experts who can teach them the ropes. Whether you have a brilliant idea in your head or are within the first year of your business, this course will touch on everything you need to know to set your business foundation up right from the get-go with industry experts ready to lend you a hand when you need it most...right now.
When does the course start and finish?
The Startup Entrepreneur Academy is a three-month course you take at your own pace. Modules, exercises and worksheets will be released on a weekly basis to keep you on track, but not overwhelm you. You will have lifetime access to the course for as long as you need it and plenty of support and encouragement along the way.
Do you provide a refund once I've purchased the course?
Unfortunately, due to the amount of value and one-on-one attention we give each student in the form of mentoring and consultations from industry experts ready to help you with your specific business and challenges, we are unable to provide a refund. But, we are always available and willing to hear suggestions to help you get you where you desire to be. Simply ask! This program will only improve with your honest feedback.
Do the course instructors provide additional support outside of the Startup Entrepreneur Academy?
Why yes! Each of us have our own businesses and unique strengths, and are always ready and willing to work with you outside of the Startup Entrepreneur Academy. Many of the instructors have provided a complimentary consultation or free resource as part of their module, but you can always connect with them to continue working together.
Does the Startup Entrepreneur Academy provide any sort of affiliate program so I can share this with other startups I know?
Absolutely! The best form of marketing is, of course, word-of-mouth! That's how this program will grow and impact so many by you sharing it with others who also have a desire to learn. And as a special incentive, each student, instructor or anyone who wants to support this program will receive an affiliate link to share and reap the rewards every time a new student joins through your unique link. That simple! Referral incentive is 15% of the program (roughly $60 to $75 depending on any special promotions offered) paid right to you after 30 days.

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